Master of computer information system  MCIS Old Question Discrete Structure (DS) first semester here. MCIS Old Question DS.

MCIS Old Question Discrete Structure (DS)

Level: Master Programme: MCIS Course: Ethical And Professional Issue in IT

1. What are the different connectives used in propositional logic? Show that 10 the following compound propositions are logically equivalent using truth table. (p q)A(pr) and p- (qAr)

 2. a) List out the demorgan's law for quantifiers and propositions.

  b) Translate each of the following statements into logical expressions 6 using predicates qualifiers and logical  connections 

  • All the farmers in our village have a cow, a hen and a goat.
  • No farmers in our village has a buffalo. i. ii. ii.
  • There is a farmer whos has been to agricultural training center.

 3. a) Describe about resolution method. Use resolution to show that the 6 hypothesis.

  • It is not raining or Jessica has an umbrella.
  • Jessica does not have her umbrella or she does not get wet.
  • It is raining or Jessica does not get wet.

Imply that: "Jessica does not get wet."

  b) What is graph coloring? Explain its use with suitable example.

 4. What is finite state machine? Define it. Draw the transition diagram of the FSM, 

M=(I, O,S,f,g,σ0), with

I=(a, b, c), 0=(0, l , 2), S={σo, σ1, σ2, σ3) and