You can Find the Master of Information Computer System - MCIS Old Question Distributed Database System(DDS) first semester here.

MCIS Old Question Distributed Database System(DDS)

Level: Master

Programme: MSc.CS/MCIS/ME

Course: Distributed Database System


1. Define Distributed database system. Why it if preferred rather than centralized database? Discuss the research issues in DDB?

2. What is Autonomy and distribution? Briefly explain data based client server and peer to peer architecture?

3. How clustering algorithm help in fragmenting a relation? Give example. Present the correctness rules of fragmentation.

4. Give example of updatable and non-updatable view. How authorization control is complex in ddb? How it is managed? Give practical scenario.

5. Why Simplification is done in distributed query processing? Explain reduction rule in DHF with example

6. Explain query optimization process with block diagram and details of each block. What is cost model?

7. How semi join is beneficial than join operation while dealing with distributed relations? Explain semi-join based SDD algorithm with example

8. Explain properties of transaction. What is flat and nested transaction? Give example of nested transaction and discuss its commitment rule

9. Compare optimistic and pessimistic concurrency control algorithms? How locking algorithm is differ than timestamp algorithm? What is cascading abort and how it is overcome?

10. Draw state diagram 2PC and 3PC protocol. What is the role of local recovery manager? Give scenario using UNDO and REDO protocol

11. Write short notes on any two:

  1. WAL Protocol
  2. Functional aspects of parallel database
  3. NUMA Architecture