Master of Computer Information System   MCIS Old Question  Ethical And Professional Issue in IT first semester here. MCIS Old Question EPIT.

MCIS Old Question Ethical And Professional Issue in IT(EPIT)

Level: Master Programme: MCIS Course: Ethical And Professional Issue in IT  


1. What do you mean by attribution theory? Discuss the individual decision making models .How can minimize error in decision making?

2. What do you mean by IT professional? Explain the various relationships with IT professional.

3. How do you define Environment Protection Act ? Discuss the role of digital signature in the electronic transaction act.

4. How do you define the professional code of ethics? Discuss the statement on the basis of codes of ethics of ACM.

5. Describe the essential of valid contract offers. Explain the contract process for designing and developing the new website for Startup Company.

6. Write difference between trademark and Copyright .What do you know about patent and trade secret?

7. What do you mean by conflict in organization? How can reduce conflict in the organization? Describe ethical issues in conflict.

8. Describe the main features of labor act of Nepal. What are the significances of IT policy of Nepal?

                                                                                      Group" B"

Read the following paragraphs and answer the questions at the end.

                                                                                     CASE STUDY-I

Ranjit Pradhananga, a customer saw an advertisement on a website of an online shopping agency about the instant sale of 58" Samsung LED TV with the labeled price of Rs. 15,000/- and other specifications. The customer wanted to purchase the TV set and immediately placed his order through a call on the number availed in the website. He was informed that he would be soon informed through a call from the shopping agency. Ranjit received a confirmation call for his order. However, just before the time of delivery he received another call form the agency. The sales representative said, "We are sorry. We can't sell you the TV set. The advertisement was mistakenly placed in online. 

a) Who and which department is responsible for mistake?

b) What are the ethical issues in the given case?