The methods that managers or HR experts can use to find a job elements and matching knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for successful performance include the following:-

Methods of Job Analysis 

1. Observation Method:

Under this method, the job analyst observes the workers while they are performing their It helps to collects the first hand information about the activities, equipments, materials, working conditions and job hazards.

However, workers in many cases do not function most efficiently when they are watched and thus, may lead to distortion in the job analysis. In addition, this method is not suitable for analyzing most managerial jobs where intellectual abilities are required.

2. Interview Method:

Under this method, job incumbents (who are directly responsible for the job in current context) are selected and extensively interviewed.

A check list of questions is used for interview purpose. This method is effective for assessing what a job entails (necessities), but is very time

3. Technical Conference Method:

Under this method, the information related to the jobs are collected for the specialist and technicians ( experts).The information of job characteristics like difficulty, variability, significances ,autonomy, need for overtime are collected.

Although it is a good method, it often overlook(ignore) the workers perceptions about what they do on their jobs.

4. Dairy Method:

This method requires job incumbents to record their daily Comprehensive information is obtained about the job from entries made in the diary for the entire job cycle.

However, maintaining a dairy is not possible for every job because it added a workload to the workers and also interfere the regular functioning of the actual work.

5. Structured Questionnaire Method:

Using this method, workers are sent a structured questionnaire on which they check or rate items they perform on the job from a long list of possible task items.

This is a popular method for gathering the information about jobs. However, sometime questions may be misunderstood and often feedback is lacking in this