The methods of recruitment are as follows:

  1. Internal Method
  2. External Method

1. Internal method

  1. Job Posting: It is an open invitation to all employees in an organization to apply for the The announcement of the vacancy can be disseminated through bulletin-board, In- house newsletter, circular etc. Equal opportunity for growth and advancement, motivation for better performance are the advantages of job posting whereas, chances of nepotism and favoritism, conflict between employees are the disadvantages.
  2. Employee referrals: This is the recruitment by word of mouth. Usually, supervisor or superior refer his/her immediate subordinates and other form the group for the vacant post.
  3. HR inventory search method: HR inventory provides all the information related to personal and professional undertaking by employees in an organization. Thus, through the inventory search recruitment can be undertaken.

2. External Method

  1. Advertising: Advertisement through several media, viz. radio, television, newspaper, trade journals etc can be done to attract a wider potential candidates.
  2. Employee referral: The employees recommend their friends from outside the organization.