Objectives of training:

The major objective of training is to bring positive change in employees’ knowledge, skills and attitude towards the work. The general objectives of training are as follows:

  1. Update capabilities: Environment is dynamic. Change in environmental factors obsolete the working methods, technology and also change the peoples’ behaviors. Thus, training aims to update the knowledge and ideas needs to overcome these challenges by the employess.
  2. Develop healthy attitude: Work knowledge is must for any workers, who is responsible to do it. Training provides the necessary skill and techniques to perform the job easily and It not only develops the positive attitude toward the work but also facilitates better co-operation, commitment and loyalty of employees.
  3. Socialization: Training always aims to socialize employees towards organizational The skills and ideas learned from training is helpful for an individual to fit-in the job and behave as per its requirement.
  4. Develop future potential: An individual with skills and knowledge is a possible candidate for promotion or getting the challenging job. This helps an individual to fulfill his career Thus, training is means for future growth of employees.
  5. Improve Productivity: Training improves individual potentiality. It develops confidence and positive attitude towards These bring less labor turnover, absenteeism, operational errors, which enhances overall productivity of an organization.

Benefits of training:

The benefits of training programs are as follows:

  1. It helps to make successful implementation of change program (change management).
  2. Increases organizational performances
  3. Makes people committed to achieving organizational objectives
  4. Increase attraction in organization
  5. Maximize individual performance and minimizes complaints.