What is Open Source Operating System in Computer ?

Open Source is a methodology or approach towards the design and development of software with the intention of giving the user the access to the code. If we use open source software, not only we will be able to use it but also be able to see how it works, debug it, modify it and redistribute it.

Open source software is licensed in a way that marked it legal to use as many copies as user wants. There’s a core difference between open source and free software, both represent the same core idea but the open resource allows the commercial utilization of code with the motive of profit.

Example: Red hat gains significant revenue from sales, distribution, maintenance and consulting service provided by Open Source Software.

Being an open source program, program code of an open source operating system are available. The user can modify these codes and develop a new application according to their requirement. Example: Linux


It is an open-source powerful UNIX based OS which runs on varieties of platforms including Intel, SPARCE and Power PC.

It is a multi-user, multi-tasking, multi-programming operating system mainly popular for server OS.

It is distributed through different distributors such as Red Hat, Mandrate, Open Suse, Ubuntu, Slackware, Sobayon, Debian, Mandriva, Fedora, Genten, Granular Linux.