Collection of financial assets is a simple meaning of portfolio. It consists of range of investments in an organization. Portfolios may be held by individual investors and/or managed by financial professionals, banks and other financial institutions. Portfolio analysis is a set of techniques that helps the managers in taking strategic decisions with regard to individual products or businesses in a firm's portfolio.
Portfolio analysis examines the balance of an organization's SBUs. It is a key aspect of strategic capability to ensure that the portfolio is strong. Portfolio analysis can be used to describe the current range of SBUs and to assess the ‘strength’ of the mix both historically and against future scenarios.
Since mid 1960s, various tools have been developed for portfolio analysis. Out of them, following are the important and most used tools for portfolio analysis;
⦁    BCG Matrix
⦁    GE Nine-cell Matrix
⦁    Hofer's Product-market Evolution Matrix