According to Mendel’s law phenotypical characteristics would be determined by pair of factors (alleles) that separate independently in gametes. What are the main types of inheritances that are exceptions to Mendel’s rules?

10 months ago

There are many types of inheritance that do not follow the mendelian pattern. Notable among them are: multiple alleles, gene interactions (complementary genes, epistasis and quantitative, or polygenic, inheritance), linkage with or without crossing over and sex-linked inheritance.

Pleiotropy, lacking of dominance and lethal genes do not fit as variations of inheritance since genes can have these behaviors and at the same time obey mendelian laws.

Mutations and aneuploidies are abnormalities that also alter the mendelian pattern of inheritance as well as mitochondrial inheritance (passage of mitochondrial DNA from the mother through the cytoplasm of the egg cell to the offspring).

Dipti KC
May 27, 2023
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