Briefly describe the five value-added attributes of m-commerce.

3 weeks ago

The five value-added attributes of m-commerce are as follows:-

1. Ubiquity:- Ubiquity means being everywhere, especially at the same time. It is facilitated by wireless computing. Given that Wi-Fi access is available in more and more places, and that about half of all mobile phones are smartphones, we have easier ubiquity.

2. Convenience and capabilities:- Having a mobile device increases the convenience of communication. The functionality and usability of mobile devices are increasing, while their physical size remains small and the cost is affordable. Unlike traditional computers, mobile devices connect to the internet almost instantly.

3. Interactivity:- Mobile systems allow for fast and easy interactions(e.g,via Twitter, tablets, or smartphones).

4. Personalization:- Mobile devices are personal devices. While several people may share the same PC, a specific mobile device is usually used by one person.

5. Localization:- Knowing where a user is physically located in real time provides an opportunity to offer him or her relevant mobile advertisements, coupons, or other services. Such services are known as location based m-commerce.

Dipti KC
Jan 8, 2023
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