Compare groups and individuals.

Individual Vs Group Decision Making
  1. In establishing objectives, groups are usually superior to individuals because of the greater amount on knowledge available to groups.
  2. In choosing an alternative, group interaction and the achievement of consensus usually results in the acceptance of more risk than would be accepted by an individual decision
  3. In identifying alternatives, the individual efforts of group members encourage a broad search in various functional areas of the
  4. In evaluating alternative, the collective judgment of the group, with its wider range of view points, seems superior to those of an individual decision
Assets of Group Decision Making
  1. Groups can accumulate more knowledge and facts
  2. Groups have a more broader perspective and consider more alternative solutions
  3. Individuals who participate in the decision are more satisfied with the decision and are more likely to accept
  4. Group decision making processes serve an important communication
Liabilities of Group Decision Making
  1. Groups often work more slowly than individuals
  2. Group’s decisions involve a considerable amount of compromise that may lead to less than optimal
  3. Groups are often dominated by one individual or a small clique thereby negating many of the virtues of group
  4. Overreliance on group decision making can inhibit management’s ability to act quickly and decisively when
Susmita Sah
Jan 13, 2022
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