Describe different job scheduling in operating systems.

1 year ago
Operating System

Scheduling is the activity of the deciding when process will receive the resources they request.


FCFS: FCSFS stands for First Come First Served. In FCFS the job that has been waiting the longest is served next.


Round Robin Scheduling: Round Robin scheduling is a scheduling method where each process gets a small quantity of time to run and then it is preempted and the next process gets to run. This is called time-sharing and gives the effect of all the processes running at the same time


Shortest Job First: The Shortest job First scheduling algorithm is a nonpreemptive scheduling algorithm that chooses the job that will execute the shortest amount of time.


Priority Scheduling: Priority scheduling is a scheduling method where at all times the highest priority process is assigned the resource.

Sanisha Maharjan
Jan 20, 2022
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