Distinguish between pure and partial EC.

1 year ago

Depending upon the nature of the product being sold through the websites or mobile application ecommerce can be categorized as pure and partial ecommerce. Some businesses can be called pure ecommerce businesses, in which the products they sell are digital such as gift cards, eBooks, music, movies etc. The products are digital, product delivery method is digital, and the selling process is also digital.

On the other hand, some businesses are totally physical and are not on any digital dimensions. In between pure online and pure physical aspects, there is one new dimension that can be called partial ecommerce companies. In such cases the business sells the physical products but uses various digital means for customer service, order processing and payment mechanism- they sell physical goods through an ecommerce site. Partial ecommerce is when a company sell a good through the Internet but the fulfillment of the goodwill need to take place in the “real world”. For example, Amazon.com can be a good example of a partial ecommerce. You can order a phone by going through amazon.com but they will have to deliver it to you physically.

Dipti KC
Dec 24, 2022
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