Explain in detail about cloud delivery model

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services can be delivered to customers(users) in different ways and depicted in Fig . The cloud computing delivery models include infrastructure, platform and software. These services are provided and used over the internet.

Cloud Delivery Model

1. Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS )

It is one of the cloud delivery model which provides computer infrastructure or hardware like servers, networking technology, storage as a service. It may also include the delivery of operating system and virtualization technologies to manage these resources.

2. Platform as a Service ( PaaS )

PaaS is another cloud delivery model which delivers more than just infrastructure. It provides solution stack which is an integrated set of software. This model provides everything a developer needs to build an application form software development and run time.

3. Software as a Service ( SaaS )

SaaS is a delivery model which delivers business application designed for a specific purpose. This service is provided over the internet which eliminates the need to install and run the applications on consumer’s own computers. It simplifies maintenance and support.

Some of the properties of SaaS are:

  • Network or online access
  • Centralized management
  • Powerful communication features SaaS works on two distinct modes, they are
  • Single multi tenancy
  • Fine-grain multi tenancy
Bijay Satyal
Oct 23, 2021
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