Explain in detail the various aspects for the need of virtualization in cloud computing.

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Cloud Computing

Virtualization is needed for the following reasons


With virtualization, administration becomes a lot easier, faster and cost effective. Virtualization lowers the existing cost. It dramatically simplifies the ownership and administration of their existing IT servers. The operational overhead of staffing, backup, hardware and software maintenance has become verify significant in IT budgets and business. In such case virtualization reduces these costs beneficially. By using virtualization we can save the operational costs. Virtualization concentrates on increasing utilization and consolidation of equipment thereby reducing capital costs, cabling, operational costs such as power, cooling, maintenance cost of hardware and software.

Thus Virtualization is cost effective.



Administrating virtualization has to be done in efficient manner since all the resources are centralized security issues has to be categorized more sensitively. The users access the resources like data storage, hardware or software has to be allocated properly. Since more users will utilize the resources, the sharing of needed resources is complicated.

Administration of virtual server is done through virtual server administration website. By using this virtual server is assigned to application for access.

In this, virtual IP addresses are configured on the load balancer. When a request is sent from the user from certain port on a virtual IP load balancer, it distribute the incoming request among multiple server the needed service will be provided to particular user.

Fast Deployment

Deployment of consolidated virtual servers, migrating physical, servers has to be done.

Virtualization deployment involves several phases and planning. Both server and client systems can support several operating systems simultaneously, virtualization providers offer reliable and easily manageable platform to large companies.

It can be built with independent, isolated units which work together without being tied to physical equipment. Virtualization provides much faster and efficient way of deployment of services by some third party software like VMware, Oracle etc. Thus it provides the fastest service to the users.

Reducing Infrastructure Cost

Virtualization essentially allows one computer to do the job of the multiple computers by means of sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments.

Virtual servers and virtual desktops allow hosting multiple operating systems and multiple applications locally and in remote locations. It lowers the expense by efficient use of the hardware resources.

It increases utilization rate for server and cost savings efficiently by altering the physical resources by virtual sharing. Some other reasons are

  1. To run old Apps
  2. To access virus infected Data
  3. To safely browse
  4. Test software, upgrades or new configurations
  5. To run Linux on top of Windows
  6. To backup a entire operating system
  7. To create a personal cloud computer
  8. To reuse old hardware.
Bijay Satyal
Oct 23, 2021
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