Explain the creative process?

Creativity: Creativity is the ability to create large number of ideas quickly. Creative process has interacting and over lapping phase. It has four phases:

  • Unconscious Scanning
  • Intuition
  • Insight
  • Logical Formulation

Unconscious Scanning: A condition beyond consciousness.

Intuition: It connects unconscious with conscious

Insight: It is the result of hard work

Logical Formulation: referred to as verification

Techniques to enhance creativity:

The following are the techniques to enhance Creativity:

  1. Brainstorming – Technique used for problem solving by using new methods
  2. Synectics – In this technique group members are selected according to problem of organization.Then a group leader chose who plays a vital role in this process.
Susmita Sah
Jan 13, 2022
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