Explain the scope of statistics?

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1) Statistics and planning :- Statistics in indispensable into planning in the modern age which is term as " the age of planning'. Almost all over the world the govt are re-storing to planning for economic development.

2) Statistics and economics:- Statistical data and technique of statistical analysis have to immensely useful involving economical problem. Such as wages price, time series analysis, termed analysis.
3) Statistics and business :- Statistics is an irresponsible tool of production control. Business executive are relying more and more on statistical technique for studying the much and desire of valued customers.
4) Statistics and industry :- In industry is widely used inequality control. In production engineering to find out whether the product is confirming to the specification or not. Statistical tools, such as inspection plan, control chart etc.
5) Statistics and Mathematics :- Statistics are intimately related recent advancement in statistical technique are the outcome of wide application of Mathematics.
6) Statistics and Modern science :- In medical science the statistical tools for collection and incidence of diseases and result of application various drugs and Medicines are of great importance.  
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Sep 22, 2021

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