Give the 3‐D Transformation matrix for a) Translation b) Rotation c) scaling

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Computer Graphics

a) Translation:

It is the movement of an object from one position to another position. Translation is done using translation vectors. There are three vectors in 3D instead of two. These vectors are in x, y, and z directions. Translation in the x-direction is represented using Tx. The translation is y-direction is represented using Ty. The translation in the z- direction is represented using Tz.

If P is a point having co-ordinates in three directions (x, y, z) is translated, then after translation its coordinates will be (x1 y1 z1) after translation. Tx Ty Tz are translation vectors in x, y, and z directions respectively.


Three-dimensional transformations are performed by transforming each vertex of the object. If an object has five corners, then the translation will be accomplished by translating all five points to new locations. Following figure 1 shows the translation of point figure 2 shows the translation of the cube.




Dipti KC
Dec 31, 2022
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