How do I get my project organized?

2 weeks ago

Every project that involves more than one person requires a project team to get the work done. Without doubt, building a motivated project team will be your primary and most critical task, because the success of the project will rely heavily on choosing the right team members and gaining their commitment to the project's objectives.

If possible, assembling the project team and dividing the project's scope into manageable pieces (developing a work breakdown structure) should go hand in hand. In this way, help and ideas are obtained in developing the project plan and, as the skills required to execute the project plan become apparent, so can additional people resources be identified and recruited as necessary.

Politically, it will be prudent to utilize the abilities of permanently assigned staff to fulfil these requirements but if there are required skills that are not available, then other sources must be identified and pursued.

Many texts have been written on identifying suitable team members, securing their commitment and maintaining their motivation, subjects which are beyond the scope of this presentation. Nevertheless, this part of a project manager's job is probably the most time consuming and, as stated earlier, the most critical. It may also be the most difficult and makes the difference between the effective and the ineffective manager. Remember, projects are built by people!

Barshat Yadav
Sep 25, 2021

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