How does the cellular immune response take place?

11 months ago

The lymphocytes that participate in the cellular immune response are the T lymphocytes. T lymphocytes differentiate into three main types: cytotoxic T lymphocytes (cytotoxic T cell), helper T lymphocytes (helper cell) and suppressor T lymphocytes. The cytotoxic cells are the effectors of the system, i.e., they directly attack other cells recognized as foreign (for example, fungi cells, cells infected by virus, neoplastic cells, graft cells, etc.). The helper cells and the suppressor T lymphocytes act as regulators of the system releasing substances that respectively stimulate and inhibit the immune action of T and B lymphocytes. After the primary immune response memory T lymphocytes also remain in the circulation to provide faster and more effective reaction in case of future infections.


Dipti KC
May 26, 2023
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