If I am empowered, why do I need project management?

If you have been empowered it probably (or should) mean that you have been given the authority and responsibility to undertake the work necessary without constant surveillance and supervisory intervention. It should also mean that you have been given a coherent and articulated vision of the thing to be achieved and, subject to appropriate reporting (accountability), you are left to get on with the job. If you are the only person involved in the work then all you have to worry about is your own time and resources required to accomplish the task at hand. To do a job well, even that takes personal training and mental discipline.

As soon as others are involved, they are entitled to the same consideration and to share the empowerment process. It means building a committed and coordinated team environment, which is one of the key elements of good project management — successfully managing and coordinating human resources.

The manager who believes that it is their prerogative alone to organize, direct and control the entire project is doomed to poor results. Empowered people work more enthusiastically, respond faster, take a pride in their work and the results show up in the timeliness and quality of the product.

On the other side of the coin, your own empowerment means nothing if those from whom you will need support for the project have not been properly informed, especially in a matrix type of environment as most organizations really are. So check it out. If anyone is not aware of your new authority and responsibility, go back and ask for the situation to be clarified.

Barshat Yadav
Sep 25, 2021

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