Mammal identity card. How are mammals characterized according to examples of representing beings, basic morphology, skin, respiration, circulation, nitrogen waste, thermal control and types of reproduction?

1 year ago

Examples of representing beings: dogs, cats, horses, giraffes, elephants, apes, humans, bats, whales, dolphins, opossums, kangaroos, platypus. Basic morphology: hair, diaphragm muscle, mammary glands, enucleated red blood cells. Skin: impermeable, hairy.

Respiration: pulmonary. Circulation: closed and complete, heart with four chambers. Nitrogen waste: urea.

Thermal control: homeothermic. Types of reproduction: sexual, internal fecundation, oviparous monotremes (prototherians), marsupials (metatherians), placental (eutherians).

Dipti KC
May 18, 2023
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