State the limitations of virtualization.

2 years ago
Cloud Computing
  1. If the CPU does not allow for hardware virtualization we can run some operating system in software virtualization but it is generally slower. Some operating system will not run in software virtualization and require to have CPU with hardware virtualization so it would cost more if CPU with hardware virtualization is not possible.
  2. If we want a own server and intend to resell a virtual server then it cost high. This mean purchase of 64 bit hardware with multiple CPU’s and multiple hard drives.
  3. Some of the limitations are in analysis and planning which problems can be divided into three types they are
    1. Technical limitation
    2. Marketing strategies
    3. Political strategies
  4. It has a high risk in physical fault.
  5. It is more complicated to set up and manage virtual environment with high critical servers in a production It is not easy as managing physical servers.
  6. It does not support all applications.
Bijay Satyal
Oct 23, 2021
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