What are different legal issues in cloud computing?

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing legal issues: data location

Organizations need to know where the data they’re responsible for – both personal customer data and corporate information -- will be located at all times. In the cloud environment, location matters, especially from a legal standpoint.

Cloud computing legal issues result from where a cloud provider keeps data, including application of foreign data protection laws and surveillance. In this tip, learn about cloud computing legal issues stemming from data location, and how to avoid them.

Cloud computing contracts and cloud outages

When a cloud service goes down, users lose access to their data and therefore may be unable to provide services to their customers. When is a cloud user compensated for the loss of service, and to what extent?  Users need to examine how cloud computing contracts account for cloud outages.

This tip discusses how a cloud outage could negatively affect business and examines some cloud computing contracts and their provisions for cloud outages.

Cloud computing contracts: Tread carefully

Organizations must be careful with cloud computing contracts, according to a panel of lawyers at the RSA Conference 2011. Cloud computing contracts should include many data protection provisions, but cloud computing service providers may not agree to them.

In this article, the RSA Conference 2011 panel offers advice on negotiating with cloud computing service providers and on legal considerations for organizations entering cloud service provider contracts, including data security provisions.

Ten key provisions in cloud computing contracts

When entering into a relationship with a cloud computing service provider, companies should pay attention to contract terms, security requirements and several other key provisions when negotiating cloud computing contracts.

Here, cloud legal expert Francoise Gilbert discusses cloud computing contracts and the ten key provisions that companies should address when negotiating contracts with cloud computing service providers.

Developing cloud computing contracts

Cloud service relationships can be complicated. The use of cloud services could sacrifice an entity’s ability to comply with several laws and regulations and could put sensitive data at risk. Consequently, it’s essential for those using cloud computing services to understand the scope and limitations of the services they receive, and the terms under which these services will be provided.

In this tip, Francoise Gilbert explains the critical considerations for cloud computing contracts in order to protect your organization as well as reviewing the critical steps and best practices for developing, maintaining and terminating cloud computing contracts.

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Dec 17, 2022
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