What are the benefits of online marketing to Indian retailers?

1 year ago

(i) Lower costs – Marketers need not maintain a store and incur costs of rent, insurance and utilities. They can produce digital catalogues for much less costs than cost of printing and maintaining paper catalogues.

(ii) Flexibility – Companies can quickly add products to their existing list and change prices and description at will.

(iii) Sizing Audiences – Marketers can know how many people visited their online sites and how many stopped at what particular steps on the site. This information can help the marketers improve their offers and advertisements.

(iv) Relationship Building – Online marketers can talk with their customers and learn much from them. They can also upload useful information such as reports and newsletters onto their system, on which the customers can comment.

(v) Affordability – Both small and large firms can afford Online Marketing. There is no real limit on the advertising space.

(vi) Speed – Information access and retrieval are instant and quicker as compared to mail and fax.

Susmita Sah
Jan 17, 2022
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