What are the endocrine glands that regulate sexual activity in males? How does this regulation work and what are the involved hormones?

4 months ago

In males the sexual activity is regulated by the endocrine glands hypophysis (pituitary), adrenals and gonads (testicles). The FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) secreted by the adenohypophysis acts upon the testicles stimulating the spermatogenesis. The LH (luteinizing hormone), another adenohypophyseal hormone, stimulates the production of testosterone by the testicles too. Testosterone, whose production intensifies after the beginning of puberty, acts in several organs of the body and it is responsible for the appearing of the male secondary sex characteristics (beard, body hair, deep voice, increase of the muscle and osseous mass, maturation of genitalia, etc.) Testosterone also stimulates spermatogenesis.

Dipti KC
May 26, 2023
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