What are the Importance of Operation Management?

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Importance of Operation Management

1. Towards customers: Customers are the most affected by any business. The objectives of the operation management always depend on the customers preferences and their

2. Towards suppliers: Operations will have a major impact on suppliers, both on how they prosper themselves, and on how effective they are at supplying the

3. Towards share holders: Better the operation is at producing goods and services, the more likely the whole business is to prosper and shareholders will be one of the major beneficiaries of

4. Towards employees: Similarly employees will be generally better off if the company is prosperous. It includes the general working conditions which are determined by the way the operation is

5. Towards society: Although often having no direct economic connection with the company individuals and groups in society at large can be impacted by the way its operation managers

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Oct 5, 2021

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