What are the major categories of M-Commerce applications?

4 weeks ago

The major categories of M-Commerce applications are:-

i) Finance and payments:-

This is one of the most user-friendly types of m-commerce services and applications. For businesses with a physical presence, making sure that checking out via m-commerce application is important. While online businesses want to make sure they offers their clients an m-commerce application option to check their account.

ii) Marketing:-

Using SMS apps to send visiting customers coupons or using your branded app to announce a flash sale or in-store discount is a great way to make your m-commerce app do some of your work for you.

iii) Tickets and entertainment:-

You can use an app to unlock your front door with Wi-Fi or date-enabled door locks-you can also use it as your pass for airline flights and concert tickets. This offers convenience for the customers.

iv) Entertainment and games:-

Game developers have opportunities to monetize their apps with in-app purchases or by selling advertiser space and time.

v) Healthcare:-

One of the most revolutionary types of m-commerce services and applications is in the real of healthcare and wellness. With affordable and no-wait appointments the apps help patients get the medical treatment they need on demand.

Dipti KC
Jan 8, 2023
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