What are the values of DPD for plant cells under hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic media?

1 year ago

In plant cells under hypertonic medium there is loss of water for the exterior, SF> 0 (the vacuolar pressure is high because it is concentrated) and TP = 0 (there is no distension of the cell wall since the cellular volume is reduced) so  DPD = SF. These cells are called plasmolysed cells, situation characterized by the retraction of the cell membrane that detach from the cell wall.

In plant cells under isotonic medium there is no increase of the internal water volume, SF > 0 and TP = 0 (since the cell wall is not distended). The cell membrane slightly touches the cell wall and in this situation the cell is called a flaccid cell.

In plant cells under hypotonic medium there is tendency of water to enter, SF= TP (since the osmotic pressure is totally compensated by the distension of the cell wall) and DPD = 0. The cell that has expanded itself to this point is called a turgid cell.

Dipti KC
Apr 8, 2023
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