What is a project life cycle?

10 months ago
IT Project Management

If a project is well organized, it will progress logically through several phases. There are four standard phases to a typical project. The first two "concept" and "development" involve planning, that is to say, identifying the concept and then developing this concept and the plan to accomplish it as we have discussed.

This usually leads to a formal submission of the plan (project brief) at which a go or no-go decision is given on the basis of the plan. If approved, this leads to the second two phases which are the accomplishment phases of implementing and finishing. As the names imply, this means converting ideas on paper to reality and getting the job finished and turned over to the customer. Of course, different people in different project environments use different names but the principles are the same.

Also, projects in different fields may require the four standard phases to be broken down further into stages such as separate feasibility studies; detailed design and working drawings; procurement; construction; training, commissioning and transfer.


Barshat Yadav
Sep 25, 2021

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