What is i-way? Explain components of i-way

1 year ago

The information superhighway which is also known as ‘I-way’ refers to digital communication systems and the internet telecommunications network that allow us to connect, to share information, and to communicate as a global community.

The components of i-way are as follows:-

1. Network access component:-

This component can also be called ‘Network access equipment’ or ‘customer premises equipment’ or ‘the terminal equipment’ and it is at the end of consumers, which enables the access to the network. The hardware components such as computers, modems, routers, switches in case of computer networks, set-top boxes for television networks and software platforms such as browsers and OS are incorporated in the segment.

2. Local access component:-

This is another important component of Information Highway that can also be called ‘Access roads or media’ or ‘Local On-Ramps’. This component provides the communication backbone for the transmission of data and information. Local access component creates the link between businesses, organizations, homes, and schools with the main communication point, which is also referred as ‘last-mile’.

3. Global access component:-

To make the connection for very long distance such as across the countries and continents we need competent infrastructure. Long distance telephone lines, submarine communications cable, the satellite networks and the Internet resides inside this component. This component can also be referred as global information distribution networks.

Dipti KC
Jan 8, 2023
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