What is provisioning in cloud computing. How Virtual machine can be provision in Azure cloud?

1 year ago
Cloud Computing

1. Provisioning VMM

VMM 2012 R2 must be deployed in order to provision VM’s VMM requirements can be found at this link.

VMM step by step deployment guide can be found here.

2. Configure VMM with Hosts

Configure Host Groups as per your resources and Add Hosts to the appropriate host groups. Information can be found here.

3. Configure VMM Networking

Deploy Logical Networks and IP Pools / Network Sites, Deploy VLANS / NVGRE where appropriate and Deploy Virtual Networks. Information can be found at this link.

4. Configure VMM Templates

Configure Hardware Profiles, Configure Guest OS Profile and Deploy VMM Templates.

5. Configure SPF 

Configure Service Account, Deploy SPF, Ensure SPF Account is a VMM Admin! And is a member off all the appropriate groups

Dipti KC
Dec 22, 2022
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