What is the life cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi?

1 year ago

Trypanosoma cruzi is a heteroxenous parasite, i.e., it has an intermediate host, the triatomine bug, and a definitive host, the human. The triatomine bug becomes infected by sucking the blood of a contaminated person. Within the bug gut the protozoan reproduces itself. When the triatomine bites another person it defecates near the bite site. Generally the bitten person itches the area of the bite and the parasite gains the circulation of the definitive host. Within humans the Trypanosoma cruzi multiply as amastigote form in the cardiac muscle tissue or in the nervous tissue forming pseudocysts. These pseudocysts break releasing flagellate parasites into the circulation and the cycle is repeated.

Dipti KC
May 29, 2023
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