What Is The Pointer? Explain.

1 year ago
C Programming
  • Null Pointer
  • Void Pointer
  • Wild Pointer
  • Dangling Pointer

Ans. Pointer: – Pointer is the special variable which stored another variable address. There are some types of pointer.

Null Pointer: – Null pointer by assigning the null value at the time of pointer declaration. This method is useful when you do not assign any address to the pointer. A null pointer always contains value 0.

Void Pointer: – The void pointer is a generic pointer that isn’t associated with any data type. A void pointer can be type casted to any type, so it is instrumental in assigning the different types of variables to the void pointer.

Wild Pointer: – If a pointer isn’t initialized to anything, it’s called a wild pointer. Dereferencing a wild pointer has undefined behavior that may crash the program or give a garbage value.

Dangling Pointer: – A dangling pointer is a pointer that refers to a memory location that has been released or deleted.

Rusma Khadka
Dec 29, 2022
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