What is the vector of Chagas’ disease? How is the disease transmitted?

8 months ago

The vector of Chagas’ disease is its intermediate host, a triatomine bug. The main species is Triatoma infestans. Hemipteran insects, like triatiomines, have sucking mouthparts that can be used to suck blood from animals or organic fluids from plants. The vectors of Chagas’ disease are hematophagous hemipterans that have nocturnal habits. The blood-sucking bugs become infected when they bite a contaminated person. The parasites then multiply within the bug gut and are eliminated with its feces. When a contaminated triatomine bites another person it defecates near the bite site and the released protozoans can penetrate into the definitive host through mucosae or through the bite wound. Wild and domestic mammals can also be vessels for the disease. 

Dipti KC
May 29, 2023
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