Write short notes on origins of cloud computing.

2 years ago
Cloud Computing
  • This concept of providing resources via global networks starts from1960’s.
  • This idea was introduced by C.R.Licklider, who was responsible for ARPANET in 1969.
  • Since then the cloud computing has developed a lot. After the wide internet usage in 1990’s, large bandwidth was Thus this concept came to use by public.
  • One of the first milestones for cloud-computing was the introduction of salesforce.com in 1999. It introduced the concept of delivering enterprise applications through a simple website. This helped software companies to deliver applications over the cloud.
  • Amazon Web Services in 2002 was the next major development in cloud computing, which provided a group of cloud based services.
  • Amazon launched its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in 2002 as a commercial web service which allows individuals and small scale industries to hire/rent computers on which they can run their own applications.
  • Another big milestone was the introduction of web2.0 in 2009. Web2.0 is a website that allows the users to interact with each other in a social media creator. Examples of Web2.0 include social networking websites, blogs etc.
  • Google and others started to offer browser based enterprise applications, through services such as Google apps.
  • Other important factors that have enabled cloud computing to evolve are virtualization technology, development of universal high-speed bandwidth and universal software standards.
  • Most of the IT professionals use cloud computing as it offers increased storage space, high flexibility and very low cost.Thus cloud computing has brought enormous benefits for users.
Bijay Satyal
Oct 23, 2021
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