Workload specifies the no of jobs assign to a processor. Workload on processors consists of jobs, each of which is a unit of work to be allocated processor time and other resources. The real time work load parameter are:

1. Number of tasks or jobs in the system:

In many embedded systems the number of tasks is fixed for each operational mode, and these numbers are known in advance. In case of some other systems the number of tasks may change as the system executes task but the number of tasks with hard timing constraints is known at all times. When the satisfaction of timing constraints is to be guaranteed, the admission and deletion of hard real-time tasks is usually done under the control of the run-time system.

2. Run- time system:

The run-time system must maintain information on all existing hard real-time tasks, including the number of such tasks, and all their real-time constraints and resource requirements.

Temporal Parameters of Job:

Each job Ji is characterized by its temporal parameters, interconnection parameters and functional parameters and tell us its timing constraints and behaviour. Its interconnection parameters tell us how it depends on other jobs and how other jobs depend on it and its functional parameters specify the intrinsic properties of the job. The temporal parameter of job are:

  • Release time ri
  • Absolute deadline di
  • Relative deadline Di
  • Feasible interval (ri, di]

Where di and Di are usually derived from the timing requirements of Ji, other jobs in the same task as Ji, and the overall system.