An offeree may revoke the acceptance by sending a notice but such revocation is not valid if the offerer has received the notice of consent earlier. (Nepal Contract Act, 2056 Section 8.2)

An acceptance is revoked or terminated under any of the following conditions:

a.  Acceptance revoked by notification:

 The Offeree can revoke his acceptance by giving notice to the offerer but such notice must reach first to the offerer rather than the notice of acceptance. Nepal Contract Act, 2056 Section 8(2).

b.  By Death or insanity of Acceptor (Nepal Contract Act, 2056 Section 9)

 The acceptance is cancelled in case of death or insanity of the acceptor before received the consent by offerer. If the offeree dies or becomes insanity only after received the notice of acceptance by offerer, the acceptance is not revoked and it formulates a valid contract.

c.  Effects of two notices: (Nepal Contract Act, 2056 Section 8, 9)

 The offeree sends the letter of acceptance and notice of revocation to the offerer respectively. If the offerer gets both notices at the same time in such situation the acceptance is generally revoked. No contract is formed by such notice.

d.  By Subsequent Impossibility:

 Where impossibility arises subsequently the acceptance is revoked.

e.  By lapse of time:

 Acceptance lapses when the acceptance is not communicated till the prescribed time. (Nepal Contract Act, 2056 Section 9.b) The acceptance lapses when it is not communicated within the reasonable time.

f.  By non-fulfillment of terms of proposal:

 If any condition or act given in the proposal is not fulfilled it also revokes the acceptance.