Advantage of Cloud-Based Software's 

  • Better productivity
  • Efficiency for employees
  • Lower spending on hardware
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability and future focus

Disadvantages of Cloud-Based Productivity Software

  • Downtime
  • Security
  • Cost

Google Office Apps for Business


  • Google is offering the best cloud-based productivity software names Google Office When you talk about Cloud software, it is impossible for Google to be left behind. With Google drive, you will be able to avail of around 15 GB of storage (30GB paid) which is available for free Google online storage.


Microsoft Office 365


  • Office 365, is one of the well-known cloud-based productivity software from Microsoft.
  • With Microsoft Office, you will be able to keep everything organized and up-to-date.
  • One will be able to keep polished documents through the use of Microsoft The best part of Office remains that it is accessible across devices.
  • You will also get to have free training with each application of Microsoft Office.
  • It is easy, smart, and very creative.


  • Many companies prefer the use of Microsoft Office due to its sheer compatibility with Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Office is famous for its use because of its usage for.
  • It is one of the most used Office online features which is built-in with the setup of Office.
  • It is a perfectly able, compatible set of Docs.

Zoho Office Online Suite


  • Zoho is right behind Microsoft and Google in cloud-based productivity software
  • This name has evolved and achieved its standing in the market thanks to its many features which lets it do so.
  • It helps you with your daily activities, boosts sales records, and increases employee
  • It also has features of campaigns, connects, and bug tracker available with it.
  • It allows you to see show times, set up documents or survey forms for research, or even personalize your contacts to the largest extent.


  • With the right kind of Helpdesk and Human Resources available, Zoho could be the right choice of Office available.

Apple iWork for iCloud


  • Apple launched iWork, a cloud-based productivity software access with the iCloud
  • Apple will stay back and not invent its inventory of Office online products under the tagline ‘I’.
  • Some of its features are Keynote for office users, Libre office project, iScript, and Automation
  • One of the best features according to many experts is the iPhoto feature which is unique and sets it apart from the rest.
  • The only downside is that Apple created its own echo system, which allows only its own device owners to enjoy the benefits of these
  • If you don’t have a free Apple / iCloud ID, you can get one free.


  • Thus these, are some excellent Online Office applications that should be of use for various users who are looking for personalized products of Online Office.

Economics of scale: public vs. private clouds

  • If any organization has the expertise to manage a large number of servers at a high level of utilization then on-premises, customer-managed private clouds can have a total cost of ownership (TCO) advantage compared to public clouds.
  • For smaller environments or any sort of variable workload demand, the public cloud is more attractive.
  • To determine the total cost of ownership (TCO), an organization considers How large of a cloud deployment they will have,
  • How efficiently they can manage it, and How much it will be utilized.
  • A key measurement in determining the efficiency of a cloud is the number of virtual machines managed per engineer.
  • If an organization is able to achieve about 400 virtual machines under management per engineer, then a private cloud can be a more attractive financial option compared to a public cloud.
  • If the organization is not able to reach that efficiency level, then the public cloud can be more efficient.