The corporate level strategies are formulated by executive level management and are designed to achieve the overall goals of the company. It is also known as grand strategy. It concerns with the choice of direction that a company adopts in order to achieve its long term corporate goal. A corporate level strategy is made for continue in the current business or for changing the business definition. It ensures the attainment of long term goal by;
⦁    Allocating resources among the different business unit of the company.
⦁    Transferring resources from one set of business to other.
⦁    Managing and nurturing a portfolio of business.

Corporate strategies, often called master or grand strategies provide basic direction for strategic actions. The organizations involved with multiple industries, businesses, product lines, or customer groups usually combine several grand strategies.

Strategic alternatives at corporate level are categorized into following four strategies;
⦁    Stability strategy
⦁    Growth strategy
⦁    Combination strategy
⦁    Retrenchment strategy