PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is used by nearly all offices in the world. PDF has set the global standard for the exchange and archiving of documents. Have you ever wondered what has led to the massive popularity of PDF? PDF has taken over important parts of work and life. With remote work and e-learning, digital documents and e-books have become the number one preference for many people around the globe. If you are still wondering about the reasons, here is what you need to know: 

Professional View

Whenever you need to open a PDF file, you will have a good feeling about the view. If you open any PDF file, you will find it looking like an original document that keeps the text, video, image, 3-D, along with business logos preserved. Moreover, you can even assemble different formats into a single PDF document. You can also benefit from personalized reading regarding the size and general display of the document. If you want to know more, click here and SodaPDF.


Another characteristic that makes PDF a popular document format is limiting access and securing the document with a password. The password allows the PDF creator to keep the content safe and keep it out of the reach of unauthorized persons. 

As PDF optimizes the security of the document, it is the utmost popular with businesses. When you use a password to restrict the PDF files, the digitized document stays protected from editing, printing, and copying. If you happen to be a business owner, you will be handling sensitive information regarding to your clients, customers, and business partners. 

PDF files can be protected with passwords and give people the ability to keep prying eyes off the bay. 

PDF is Reliable

Not only businesses but also government agencies and the top organizations use PDF to capture and share information. Therefore, you can think of PDF as a digital signature that ensures that your digital integrity is maintained as the information inside the file cannot be altered by anyone but you, who has authority. 

Easy Transportability

You can view and print the PDF document on any platform and any tech device, such as Windows, Mac, Smartphone, iPhone, and other platforms. The characteristics of transportability make the use of PDF easier as compared to other online resources. Because of this characteristic, PDF is popular, and millions of people use PDF to access, view and share information. 


Before PDF, people struggled with compatibility, especially regarding sharing documents among different platforms and programs. PDF is perfectly compatible with all kinds of platforms and programs, which makes it compatible and very reliable. 

Before PDF, people struggled with creating a document that would look similar on the computer or gadget of the receiving person. Resultantly, to overcome this issue, people had no choice but to print the document and then have it shared. 

In 2021, we are trying to save more trees, and the best way to do so is to go paperless, which has been made possible with PDF. This is also another reason that has led to the popularity of PDF.