On the basis of its nature, the offer may be classified in various types they are as follows:

1. Express or implied offer:

A valid offer may be expressed or implied. An expressed offer is made by using words in written form or verbal that makes a contract formal. An implied offer is made by the conduct of the parties or circumstances of the cases.

For example, Ram says to Hari buy his motorcycle for Rs. 50,000/- it is an express offer. Ram runs a citybus on the particular ….. there is an implied offer by the transport company to carry passengers for a certain fare.

2. Specific and general:

Specific offer is that offer in which the offerer put forwards his offer to particular person or a group of persons. In this offer only the offered party has right to accept it. An offer addressed to the public in general is known as general offer. It is not made for a particular person and anyone can accept such offer. In this offer the offerer does not know about offeree.

For example, Ram makes an offer to Hari to buy his car for Rs 50,000/-. Here Shyam the brother of Hari cannot accept the offer on behalf of his brother. Ram offer from newspaper Kantipur that he will provide Rs 10,000/- to any one who trace out his lost passport and bring to him. It is a general offer.

3. Cross and counter offer:

When two parties make different but similar offer to propose each other, without having knowledge of other's offer, is known as cross offer. Such offer does not form a contract because cross offer does not mean as an acceptance. If a person to whom an offer is put forwarded and he accepts offer altering or changing the terms of the offer is known as a counter offer rather than an acceptance. The offeree can not change the terms mentioned in offer but if he does so, it is regarded counter offer.

For example, Ram wrote to shyam offering to sell him 100 tons of iron at rupees 8,000 per tons. On the same day Shyam wrote to Ram offering to buy 100 tons of iron at Rs. 8,000 per tons that is a cross offer. If Shyam offering to buy same tons of iron at Rs. 7,500 per ton. That is counter offer.

The Features of an Offer

 The following are the features of an offer.

  1. An offer is an expression of willingness to do or not to do something.
  2. It is made to another party, particular person or general people.
  3. There is an intention to create legal obligations.
  4. It may be specific or general, express or implied.
  5. There is an intention to obtain the assent of the offeree.