The searching algorithms can be various types. When any type of searching is performed, there may some information about the searching or mayn't be. Also it is possible that the searching procedure may depend upon any constraints or rules.

However, generally searching can be classified into two types i.e. uninformed searching and informed searching.

The searching algorithms are divided into two categories

  1. Uninformed Search Algorithms (Blind Search)
  2. Informed Search Algorithms (Heuristic Search)

There are six Uninformed Search Algorithms

  1. Breadth First Search
  2. Uniform-cost search Depth-first search
  3. Depth-limited search
  4. Iterative deepening depth-first search
  5. Bidirectional Search

There are three Informed Search Algorithms

  1. Best First Search
  2. Greedy Search
  3. A* Search

Blind search Vs Heuristic search

Blind search

  • No information about the number of steps (or) path cost from current state to goal state.
  • Less effective in search method
  • Problem to be solved with the given information

Heuristic search

  • The path cost from the current state to the goal state is calculated ,to select the minimum path cost as the next state.
  • More effective in search method.
  • Additional information can be added as assumption to solve the problem