The universal serial communication interface (USCI) modules support multiple serial communication modes. Different USCI modules support different modes. Each different USCI module is named with a different letter. For example, USCI_A is different from USCI_B. If more than one identical USCI module is implemented on one device, those modules are named with incrementing numbers. For example, if one device has two USCI_A modules, they are named USCI_A0 and USCI_A1. See the device-specific data sheet to determine which USCI modules, if any, are implemented on which devices.

USCI_Ax modules support:

  • UART mode
  • Pulse shaping for IrDA communications
  • Automatic baud-rate detection for LIN communications
  • SPI mode

USCI_Bx modules support:

  • I2C mode
  • SPI mode