The PEAS is used for high-level characterization of agents. PEAS Stand for

P = Performance Measure

E = Environment

A = Actuators

S = Sensors

What are PEAS Descriptors?

Performance Measure:

If the objective function to judge the performance of the agent. things we can evaluate an agent against to know how well it performs.

For example, in case of pick and place robot, no of correct parts in a bin can be the performance measure.


It the real environment where the agent needs to deliberate actions. what the agent can perceive.


These are the tools, equipment or organs using which agent performs actions in the environment. This works as output of the agent. what an agent can use to act in its environment.


These are tools, organs using which agent captures the state of the environment. This works as input to the agent. what an agent can use to perceive its environment?

Some PEAS Descriptors Examples/Problems

1. PEAS descriptor for Automated Car Driver:

Performance Measure:

  • Safety: Automated system should be able to drive the car safely without dashing anywhere.
  • Optimum speed: Automated systems should be able to maintain the optimal speed depending upon the surroundings.
  • Comfortable journey: Automated systems should be able to give a comfortable journey to the end-user.


  • Roads: Automated car drivers should be able to drive on any kind of road ranging from city roads to highway.
  • Traffic conditions: You will find different sorts of traffic conditions for different types of roads.


  • Steering wheel: used to direct car in desired directions.
  • Accelerator, gear: To increase or decrease the speed of the car.


  • To take i/p from the environment in-car driving example cameras, sonar system, etc.

2. PEAS descriptor for Playing soccer.

Performance Measure: scoring goals, defending, speed

Environment:  playground, teammates, opponents, ball

Actuators: body, dribbling, tackling, passing the ball, shooting

Sensors: camera, ball sensor, location sensor, other players locator

3. PEAS descriptor for Exploring the subsurface oceans of Titan.

Performance Measure: safety, images quality, video quality

Environment:  ocean, water

Actuators: mobile diver, steering, brake, accelerator

Sensors: video, accelerometers, depth sensor, GPS 

4. PEAS descriptor for Shopping for used AI books on the Internet.

Performance Measure: price, quality, authors, book review

Environment:  web, vendors, shippers

Actuators: fill-in the form, follow URL, display to the user

Sensors: HTML

5. PEAS descriptor for Playing a tennis match.

Performance Measure: winning

Environment:  playground, racquet, ball, opponent

Actuators: ball, racquet, joint arm

Sensors: ball locator, camera, racquet sensor, opponent locator

6. PEAS descriptor for Practicing tennis against a wall.

Performance Measure: hit speed, hit accuracy

Environment:  playground, racquet, ball, wall

Actuators: ball, racquet, joint arm

Sensors: ball locator, camera, racquet sensor 

7. PEAS descriptor for Performing a high jump.

Performance Measure: safety, altitude

Environment:  wall

Actuators: jumping apparatus

Sensors: camera, height sensor 

8. PEAS descriptor for Knitting a sweater.

Performance Measure: size, looking, comfort

Environment:  craft, pattern

Actuators: needles, yarn, jointed-arms

Sensors: pattern sensor 

9. PEAS descriptor for Bidding on an item at an auction.

Performance Measure: cost, value, necessity, quality

Environment:  auctioneer, items, bidders

Actuators: speaker, display items

Sensors: camera, price monitor