Here we learn about What is Database and Characteristics of data in Database. A database is an organized collection of data and contains information relevant to an enterprise. The database is also called the repository or container for a collection of data files. For example, the university database for maintaining information about students, courses, and grades in university.

What is Database?

A database is a collection of related data or a database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed, and updated.

Characteristics of Data in a Database:

The data in a database should have the following features:

1. Shared:

Data should be sharable among different users and applications.

2. Persistence:

Data should exist permanently in the database. Changes in the database must not be lost because of any failure.

3. Validity/Integrity/Correctness:

It should maintain integrity so that there is always correct data in the database.

4. Security:

Data should be protected from unauthorized access.

5. Non-redundancy:

Data should not be repeated.

6. Consistency:

A consistent state of the database satisfies all the constraints specified in the database. Data in a database is consistent if any changes in the database take the database from one consistent state to another.

7. Independence:

The three levels in the schema should be independent of each other so that the changes in the schema at one level should not affect the other levels.