What is Intelligence in Artificial Intelligent - AI

A system that is responsive to humans, often relying on artificial intelligence. For example a computer that standbys your computer when you leave your office or look away and logs you back in when you do.

What is Intelligence in Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Definition of intelligence in the Context of Artificial Intelligent (AI): Understanding the ability, calculation, reason, relationships and analogies of a system, learning from experience, learning from the store and memory, solving problems, understanding complex ideas, using natural language, the ability to use fluently, classify, generalize, and adapt new situations. Artificial intelligence is where people are tired of natural intelligence and want machines to tell them what they want to hear. Like preferring synthetic orange juice as a sweeter option compared to the naturally sweet orange juice.

Definition of Intelligence with the scope of AI keeping in mind, is defined as:

1.) Ability to take decisions:

The ability to make complex decisions from a set of factors that make a large number of decision-makers. Making the optimum, accurate and accurate decision is very important. It measures your intelligence in general terms as well as in the context of AI.

2.) Ability to prove results:

Once you make a decision, then the ability to prove that the decision has been chosen, it matters a lot, and in this way this factor also measures the intellect.

3.) Ability to think logically:

There are many things in the world, which can't be proven by a mathematical formulae or proof, instead you apply your common sense, think logically and come to a conclusion. This ability to think logically and apply common sense also measures intellect.

4.) Ability to learn and improve:

Every time we learn something new, we develop our experiences and these experiences help us in making better decisions and better opportunities in the future. In the context of AI and generic, it is similar in the case of intelligence.

The more you learn from the external environment, you should have the ability to get some new information every time. Therefore, the factors above mentioned will get your wisdom criteria.

Apart from this, research and work is going on in the field of AI, in which they are trying to increase the intelligence of machines and systems which can be better decision, give better reasoning, think more logically and learn from the environment.