What is Interview?

It is a face to face verbal communication between two individuals. It helps to appraise the candidates’ suitability of job.

The interview process

The interview process has following steps:

  1. Preparation: structured , unstructured, job description and job specification
    1. Which technique:-structured, unstructured or semi structured
    2. One by one, panel or group interview
  2. Conduct: information exchange
  3. Termination : Thanking the applicants
  4. Evaluation

Types of Interviews

Types of Interviews: There are following types of interview commonly used in organization.

  1. Unstructured :
    • Question are not planned in advance
    • It is just a conversational
    • Questions depend on
    • Substantial time
  2. Semi-Structured:
    • Necessary questions or basic questions are planned in
    • But, interviewer may ask additional related question in the area of
  3. Structured:
    • The interviewer prepares a list of question in advance and does not asked beyond
    • It helps to rate the
    • Useful to interview large number of