The communication link between the body and brain helps us to understand many areas of psychology. It assists to find out an individual’s nature of personality, causes of abnormal behavior, response to stress, and adjustment effectiveness.

The researchers who study the biological basis of animal and human behavior are called behavioral neuroscientist.

The neuroscientists study the nervous system which includes the brain. The brain is the most powerful and complex mass of nerve cells. Brain works on the basis of a stimulus. There are three interrelated activities of the stimulus in human beings for survival:

  1. Sensing stimuli
  2. Processing Stimuli
  3. Responding to Stimuli

Importance of Biology in Understanding of Behavior

  • Behaviors in all its forms and shapes have definitely a biological or psychological base. There are two important and distinct body mechanisms namely the nervous system and the endocrine system that bear strong influence over human behavior.
  • Biology is the branch of science that deals with living beings, their origin, growth, reproduction, structure and behavior
  • Deals with the physiochemical aspect of life
  • Deals with how heredity, nervous system, hormones and neurotransmitters regulate behavior
  • Studies how specific parts of nervous system regulate normal and abnormal behaviors
  • Explains why person having high level of testosterone are more masculine than other
  • Understand the role of neurotransmitters
  • Thus, without help of biology psychological understanding of behaviors is not possible