Give the queuing diagram representing process scheduling and show the action point for the different types of CPU schedulers.

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Operating System

A common representation for a discussion of process scheduling is a queuing diagram.

  • Each rectangular box represents a queue. Two types of queues are present: the ready queue and a set of device queues.
  • The circles represent the resources that serve the queues, and the arrows indicate the flow of processes in the system.
  • A new process is initially put in the ready queue. It waits there until it is selected for execution, or is dispatched.
  • Once the process is allocated the CPU and is executing, one of several events could occur:
  • The process could issue an I/O request and then be placed in an I/O queue.
    The process could create a new subprocess and wait    for the subprocess's termination.
  • The process could be removed forcibly from the CPU, as a result of an interrupt, and be put back in the ready queue.
  • A process continues this cycle until it terminates, at which time it is removed from all queues and has its PCB and resources deallocated.
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